Dragon Sports Teams

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I told myself I would upload this blog this week but was going through a bit of a writer’s block. This had in part to do with all the sports that was on TV. You know what it’s like when you’ve settled down for a nice long, lazy weekend. You can hardly motivate yourself to get food. Last minute panic made the idea bulb go off. How about teams that have dragons as their mascot? Et voila! My blog topic of the week!

Baseball –

Sichuan Dragons, China

Chunichi Dragons, Japan

Dayton Dragons, U.S.A.

Basketball –

Jiangsu Dragons, China

Welcoat Dragons, Philippines

Football –

Dublin Dragons, Ireland

Dudelange Dragons, Luxembourg

Delft Dragons, Netherlands

Barcelona Dragons, Spain

Los Angeles Dragons, U.S.A.

Ice Hockey –

China Dragon, China

Verdun Dragons, Canada

San Antonio Dragons, U.S.A.

Dragons de Rouen, France

Rugby –

Engadine Dragons, Australia

St. George Dragons, Australia

St. George Illawarra Dragons, Australia

Shellharbour City Dragons, Australia

RC Dragon Brno, Czech Republic

Catalans Dragons, France

Newport Gwent Dragons, U.K.

Soccer –

AS Dragons, Democratic Republic of the Congo

AS Dragons FC de l’Ouémé, Benin

Dragón FC, Equatorial Guinea

Darwin Dragons SC, Australia

A.S. Dragon, Tahiti

AS Dragon, Guadeloupe

Chesapeake Dragons, U.S. A.

Jersey Dragons, U.S. A.

Thomasville Dragons, U.S. A.

C.D. Dragón, El Salvador

I had no idea there were that many teams. You should check out the dragon teams in Lacrosse, Cricket and various other sports! I’m off to see if I can follow the careers of some of the more fascinating teams on this list.

How to Train your Dragon Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner and it is time to get your costumes ready to trick or treat. Some of you may have planned and executed a fabulous costume months in advance. But for those of you who are trying to catch up and get a costume ready in time, here are a few Halloween costume ideas for your kids inspired by the movie How to Train your Dragon (HTTYD).

If your kids are HTTYD fans, they will love dressing up as one of the movie characters this Halloween. To get them into the mood and to figure out which character excites them, get your child to play a game of How to Train Your Dragon, or, if you have the time, grab some popcorn and sit down to watch the movie to find the right fit.

HTTYD Characters

A few of the popular HTTYD characters are Hiccup, Astrid and Toothless Night Fury. Here’s how you can dress up like them this Halloween!

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III

Hiccups’ costume is easy to put together. You start with brown pants and a green shirt. Hiccup’s belt can be replicated by using brown scrap fabric. You need to get your kid a pair of boots if he doesn’t have one yet. The fur vest and fur on the boot can be made using coarse brown felt. You can also go ahead and cut a V-slit on the front of the shirt and run a brown string through it for a more authentic look.

Toothless – Night Fury

A sweat suit in solid black works well for this little costume project. This is the easy part. Next, you need felt material to make Toothless’ big eyes. It can be sewn onto the hood. Likewise with the horns. Batting can be stuffed into it and sewn before you attach it to the hood. All that’s missing is the dragon wings, and here’s a simple way to make your own dragon wings.

Astrid Hofferson

A lot of details go into Astrid’s costume, so it would require more effort than the other two costumes. A striped top and a pair of leggings can be bought from the store. You will have to work on the rest – from the boots and head band to the skirt and armor. You can put together the entire look by following this comprehensive how-to tutorial.

Happy Halloween Pumpkins

Attribute – “Happy Halloween!!” by binkley27 is licensed under CC BY 2.0

While these costumes are available in stores they might be sold out this close to Halloween, in which case you can easily whip up these costumes in time for Halloween night.

Dragons Vs. Robots

I had an amazing dream the other night about two of my favorite things in the whole world – Dragons and Robots. I woke up thinking that before the day was done, I would’ve fleshed out my dream into a tale of epic proportions that would -

  1. Speak of the childhood trauma of a dragon that got caught in a time warp and found himself treading the past and the future. Only, in the future he took on the shape of a robot.
  2. Draw out a beautiful story of an unlikely friendship between arch nemeses who take it on themselves to bring back the now extinct dragons.
  3. Have the most AMAZING battle between a dragon and robot in which you couldn’t pick sides because both had good and evil in them.
  4. Become viral – leaving in its wake, petitions upon petitions to make this dream the next big movie script.

In this state of excitement and day dreams, I sat in front of the computer. Before writing the dream down, I decided to do a harmless little google. You know how they say you never come up with an idea that hasn’t been thought of already? Well, here you go.

Not only did I find this gem, I also found a Peter Shinkoda film that is due to release in October this year called Dragons Vs. Robots – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3765282/

And this video –

Is it possible they stole my idea off my dreams? No? No fame and glory for me then?

 Aah well, until next dream!

More About Dragons from the HTTYD Short Films

‘How to Train Your Dragon’ was one delightful movie. If you are like most people, the movie left you wanting to see more of Berk and its inhabitants and spend more time with the adorable dragons. Fortunately, fans did not have to wait too long as DreamWorks Animation soon released three short films based on the movie. Keeping with the high quality standards of the movie, the short films are a delightful way to satisfy your cravings for Berk-esque cuteness! Better still, they actually introduce you to new dragon species not seen in HTTYD, and provide additional information about the nature of these magnificent beasts.

  1. Legend of the Boneknapper Dragon

Everything the Vikings knew about dragons was the stuff of legend, and rarely if ever true. Gobber, formerly one of the most courageous dragon slayers on the island, has a similar history. ‘Legend of the Boneknapper Dragon’ expands on this theme, and tells of Gobber’s history with the elusive beast. However, none of the other Vikings have ever seen this dragon. Can Gobber’s extraordinary tales really be believed? If so, why is the Boneknapper the only dragon that is still hostile to human beings? Something is amiss, and hopefully the young Vikings will be able to solve the mystery and return to tell the tale.

The curious story of the boneknapper dragon is sure to delight fans of ‘How to Train Your Dragon’.

  1. Book of Dragons

This short film lets you imagine that you are sitting among the characters of ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ during one of their dragon training classes. Gobber explains the origin of the book of dragons, and his great-great-great-grandfather Bork’s role in authoring the book. Bork’s numerous misadventures with dragons taught him a lot about their characteristics, and he came up with the idea of classifying them based on their similarities. Along with anecdotes from Bork’s life, the viewer learns about the discoveries made by Hiccup and his friends in their adventures with dragons. The short film also introduces several dragons not seen in HTTYD, and goes into detail about the types of dragons and their characteristics. At the end of the short story, the viewer is invited to try dragon training first-hand.

  1. Gift of the Night Fury

This short film is a Christmas special, though the festival is known only as ‘Snoggletog’ in Berk. The Vikings are looking forward to celebrating their winter festival with their new pets, and are alarmed when all the dragons suddenly depart from the island. No one, including Hiccup, is able to explain the mystery, leaving the Vikings distraught. Though some consider Hiccup fortunate to have a dragon who can’t fly away on its own, Hiccup feels for Toothless and makes him a new tail fin that he can operate independently. Hiccup’s excitement is short-lived as Toothless loses no time in flying away. Where have all the dragons gone? Why is Fishlegs acting funny? And why doesn’t Toothless return when the remaining dragons do? These are the questions that keep viewers glued to their seats during this endearing film.

‘Gift of the Night Fury’ does well with the Christmas theme, using the characters of ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ to dwell on the value of selflessness, spreading cheer and friendship.

Though only about twenty minutes each, the short films are a welcome addition to the ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ franchise. The directors do a great job of taking viewers back to Berk for a brief sojourn with their old friends before returning them home to wait for the next addition to the series.

Meta description:

The HTTYD short films introduce viewers to new dragon species not seen in the movie, and provide additional information about the nature of these magnificent beasts.

‘How to Train Your Dragon’ Goes on a Cruise

DreamWorks Animation’s popular animated movie ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ has fans all over the world – including the high seas! In an unprecedented move, DreamWorks formed an alliance with Royal Carribean, a world-renowned cruise line brand, to take its beloved franchises to families on their cruise liners. While the characters from Shrek, Madagascar and Puss in Boots make their appearances on several of the cruise ships, ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ is more exclusive. Hiccup and his friends entertain audiences only on Royal Carribean’s spectacular ‘Allure of the Seas’, currently the largest cruise ship in the world.

Photo by brett Jordan

How to Train Your Dragon on Ice

Allure of the Seas’ boasts of many exotic amenities, such as seven distinct neighborhoods with features including a two-deck dance hall, a theatre with 1380 seats and an ice skating rink, which is where Hiccup and Toothless perform. Fire-breathing dragons and ice don’t sound like the best of companions, but they go together rather well in ‘How to Train Your Dragon on Ice’, the ice show based on the children’s hit movie. With world-class skaters dressed in elaborate costumes to resemble the characters from the film, it is easy to believe that you really are watching Hiccup, Astrid, Fishlegs and the other inhabitants of Berk performing on ice. The team have put together an impressive sjpwan impressive perforformancepressive performance, using a variety of props and special effectst is easy to believe that you’how, using a variety of props and special effects to portray scenes involving dragons and fire. The theme is rather unusual for an ice show, as it involves a lot of combat and running about. This is reflected in the performance, which is fast-paced and action-packed. The show is one of the many creations of Royal Cruise Productions, which has another DreamWorks themed performance titled ‘Move It! Move It!’ as well as innovative creations such as ‘Ice Games’, which is based on the board game Monopoly!

What Die-Hard HTTYD Fans Should Know

The ice show may not satisfy every ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ fan, for it does have its limitations. There is only so much you can do on an ice skating rink, surrounded by audiences on all four sides, when you’re trying to re-create a movie involving dragon riders and fire-breathing beasts. While the theatrical production ‘How to Train Your Dragon Arena Spectacular’ uses a great deal of highly advanced technology to make the stage show as true to the movie as possible, nothing of that scale is attempted in this performance. It is more a blend of the story elements from HTTYD with the style elements of an ice show. That means a lot of figure skating choreography is integrated into the story, and there is heavy reliance on light to convey changes in scenery and setting. There is no real dragon riding during the show, but the cast does a great job of portraying flights on the backs of dragons in their own unique style.

All in all, ‘How to Train Your Dragon on Ice’ is a pretty fantastic performance, and fans of ice shows and ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ lovers who can bear to see deviations from the original movie are not likely to come away from the show disappointed.

How to Train your Dragon – Make your own Hiccup Costume

The stupendous success of How to Train your Dragon 2 has inspired a lot of young fans to dress up as Viking warrior Hiccup and it promises to be a popular costume this Halloween. There’s a line of HTTYD-inspired clothing out on the market, but if you’re a DIY aficionado, you might want to put together a Hiccup costume yourself. It is easy and doesn’t cost a bomb either. Check this out!

A Breakdown of the Hiccup costume

Hiccup is the 14-year-old son of the Viking chief in the first How to Train Dragon and about 20 in the second. He belongs to a warrior tribe and flies atop his pet dragon. Through most of the movie, you see him characteristically dressed in brown pants, a green mid-thigh length tunic/shirt and a fur coat that looks like an open-front vest. His accessories include Viking-style boots and hat, along with a brown belt holding a small dagger.

Putting the Hiccup Costume together

Buy some coarse brown felt or fake fur from the fabric store, cut it and hand stitch or machine stitch onto boot toppers and vest. You can make the belt out of cheap scrap fabric or fake suede cloth or use the same material as the vest. Secure fur on the boots and the belt with iron-on Velcro. If you little guy does not own a pair of brown pants, buy or borrow a pair of cargo or corduroy pants.

For the shirt, check out Walmart or Target for inexpensive shirts in various shades of green. Cut a “V” in the neck and attach the string with an easy slip stitch. If your stitching skills are shaky, use a hot glue gun to secure the string. The “real” Hiccup had slits up the sides of his shirt, so you might want to replicate that for authenticity. Feeling adventurous? Spiff up the shirt with suede leather lacing for a dashing yet understated look.

If you don’t want to spend too much for a pair of shoes, try those inexpensive brown suede knockoff Ugg boots at Walmart or Amazon. A plastic dagger for your little warrior can be bought at any dollar store. Top off this cool How to Train your Dragon outfit with one of those cute Viking hats that dollar stores stock in plenty, but if you can’t find one there, it’s available on Amazon for a few bucks.

All told, the How to Train your Dragon 2 Hiccup costume shouldn’t set you back by more than 30 dollars.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About How to Train Your Dragon

Photo Courtesy – School of Dragons

Photo Courtesy – School of Dragons

The second installment of the Vikings-and-dragons trilogy hit theaters this June and DreamWorks seems to have another winner on its hands. How to Train your Dragon 2 has memorable characters, exciting animation and loads of heart. But then you already knew that. So here are 5 interesting facts you might like to know about Hiccup, Toothless and the motley crew of adventurers that comprise the blockbuster flick.

  1. Toothless’ sounds – The Night Fury plays a prominent role in How to Train your Dragon and part of his popularity with audiences is due to his behavior and personality. The filmmakers made audio recordings of elephants, tigers, cats, horses and elephant seals and the voice of Supervising Sound Designer, Randy Thorn. All of these were put together to create the unique sounds made by Toothless. His personality was inspired by dogs, cats and horses; all of which happen to be extremely popular pets with children.
  2. Astrid’s Character was Created for the Movie – The refreshing romance between the two young Vikings – Hiccup and Astrid – is one of the highlights of the movie. But Astrid’s character (voiced by America Ferrara) does not exist in the books that inspired the movie. The producers felt the need for a strong female character that female viewers could identify with and Astrid fits the bill perfectly. Astrid’s is a strong and compelling personality that commands as much respect and importance as Hiccup’s.
  3. While the movie is based in the fictional location of Berk, the makers scoured several real-life locations to bring it to life. The Pacific coast inspired How to Train your Dragon 2’s water-based locations, while the wind-blown cliffs and raging seas owe much to the director’s memories of Iceland. All in all, the movie’s locations are a nicely judged combination of awe-inspiring locales and vibrant touristy places that will make you yearn to visit them.
  4. Gloria, the calm-tempered hippo of Madagascar appears in a surprising cameo role in How to Train your Dragon. Sharp-eyed audiences can spot her astride one of the dragons that surround Hiccup, Toothless and Astrid as they fly to Dragon Island. Gloria is one of the main characters in the Madagascar series, along with Alex the lion, Marty the zebra and Melman the giraffe.
  5. The movie’s original ending was changed to make it more realistic. Hiccup was supposed to survive the finale mostly unhurt but the directors felt that it would have tested audiences’ credulity too much. Since a Viking would never be able to beat the Red Death Dragon without getting battle-scarred, Hiccup loses part of his left leg, just like Toothless was parted from his left tail fin earlier in the movie.

How to Train your Dragon – The Book Behind the Movie

How To Train Your Dragon 2

Photo by: howtotrainyourdragon.com

With How to Train your Dragon 2 taking the box office by storm, it’s time to go behind the scenes and take a look at the book series that inspired the phenomenally successful movie and its predecessor.

A Quick Look at How to Train your Dragon the Book

Set in the fictional world of Vikings, How to Train your Dragon is a twelve-part series of children’s books, written by British author Cressida Cowell and published by Little Brown and Co. in the United States and Hodder’s Children’s Books in the UK. The first book in the series appeared in 2003 and was a runaway success. The latest instalment in the series came out in 2014 and has won critical as well as commercial acclaim. In addition to the projected movie trilogy by DreamWorks Animation, the books have also spawned several short series and an animated TV series by DreamWorks Animation.

All the books in the series, narrate the adventures of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, son and heir of the appropriately named Stoick the Vast – chief of the Tribe of the Hairy Hooligans, a warlike Viking clan.

3 Major Characters in How to Train your Dragon the Book

  1. Hiccup Horrendous III

Hiccup is the unlikely protagonist and hero of the Vikings-and-dragons saga, thin, red-haired and intellectual. He speaks Dragonese and is only saved from nerdiness by his excellent swordsmanship. Hiccup owns two dragons – the hunter Toothless and the flier Windwalker. A bite by an evil Vampire Spydragon leaves him paralyzed on the left side of his body.

  1. Fishlegs

Wimpy, squint-eyed and asthmatic Fishlegs is the unlikely hero’s unlikely best friend, but his enemies would be rash to underestimate him. Fishlegs can be cunning when it matters and extremely dangerous in full-fledged battle. Unlike Hiccup, Fishlegs doesn not have aristocratic blood running in his veins – his mother, the daughter of a Murderous Tribe chieftain married an ordinary fisherman. He owns two dragons – Horrorcow a Basic Brown and Deadly Shadow, a three-headed dragon that can emit lightning and flames and camouflage itself when the need arises.

  1. Stoick the Vast

Hiccup’s father and Viking chieftain is a typical warrior – strong but fat and not over-burdened with intelligence. Like any Viking warrior of noble birth, Stoick owns three dragons – Bullheart, Newtsbreath and Hookfang. He is as different from Hiccup as it is possible for a father to be. His character is much the same in the movie series, though the book does not really focus on the strained and complex father-son relationship.

Reading the book series only whets your appetite for How to Train your Dragon the movie! Can’t wait for the third one!

5 Things You Didn’t Know About How To Train Your Dragon 2

As we all excitedly throng the theaters to catch a show of the latest release “How to Train Your Dragon 2”, how much do we really know about the movie? The hard work and conceptualization that have been put into the movie are well known to us, but there still remain a few secrets that haven’t been revealed yet! Let’s find out the 5 things we didn’t know about “How to Train Your Dragon 2”.

How To Train Your Dragon 2

Photo by: howtotrainyourdragon.com


We are all well aware that Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois co-directed ‘How to Train Your Dragon’, while Dean DeBlois took over the sequel, you’ll be surprised to know that they were not the first choice of DreamWorks Animation. Peter Hastings was to take the director’s seat when the studio realized that his vision was shaping up to essentially attract kids, which was not the intention of the producers. The change in the decision proved to be a right move if we go by the movie’s statistics!


Most of DreamWorks Animation’s movies have featured adult protagonists so far. “How to Train Your Dragon” was one of the path breaking movies where the protagonist was a child character. Though he grows up to be an adult in “How to Train Your Dragon 2” and makes us fall in love with him once again, the adorable Tom Sawyer-ish Hiccup finds the regular to be boring and looks forward to exciting adventures!


Did you know the film’s animators were sent to a flight school to get trained in advanced simulation tactics to bring to us a movie that’s world class in its animation with characters who flew and moved realistically in the air? To add to that, the animators graduated with diplomas after the course! Roger Deakins, the living legend of cinematography, was roped in to be a special visual advisor for the film. This explains why almost all of “How to Train Your Dragon 2” was exclusively shot in candlelight!


When Dean DeBlois was signed to direct the film, he had a vision that he wanted to transform into reality. His aim was to portray a land that everybody wanted to visit but in reality it would be difficult to inhabit, much like Iceland. The producers relied heavily on his knowledge of Iceland to capture the film’s bright visual style. Production designer Kathy Alteri also took her team to the Pacific coast in search of locations with watery landforms, colorful hills, and vibrant forests that they could realize into animation.


If you ever thought Toothless resembles Stitch from Lilo & Stitch, you’re not the only one, and you’re certainly not wrong! The director duo of Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois drew inspiration from their previous directorial venture Lilo & Stitch to create Toothless! However, the biggest challenge was to come up with a suitable sound for Toothless. This explains why Toothless’ voice resembles a wide array of living beings – humans, tigers, cats, elephants, horses, etc!

And, now, if you haven’t watched the magnum opus yet, it’s time to head to the nearest 3D theater and embark on some cool dragon racing with Hiccup and Toothless.



How to Train Your Dragons 2 Movie Review

Frankly speaking, I went to watch the movie expecting to see another in-your-face disappointing sequel, considering the quality of sequels made recently. Thankfully, I hadn’t read up any How to Train Your Dragons 2 movie reviews before I hit the theater! Boy, I was in for some neat surprises! A grand visual delight of dragons who were as colorful as a swarm of butterflies and a story line that’s as well-knit as a winter cardigan have made How to Train Your Dragons 2 one of my all-time favorite sequels.

Hiccup and Toothless

Photo by: Global Panorama

DreamWorks Animation returns with one of the most looked-forward-to animated movies of the year that’s set against the backdrop of a picture-perfect Viking land where dragons and Vikings coexist in harmony and the latter indulge in passionate dragon racing through the clouds and forts of the village.

The movie maintains its rapid, but comfortable, pace and manages to pack in a few pleasant and unpleasant surprises at regular intervals. On the one hand, we have Hiccup who takes on a journey of self-discovery and on the other hand we have Stoick the Vast who’s convinced that Hiccup is destined to take over the reins of Berk. The affable Hiccup and Astrid couple discusses Hiccup’s calling atop a mountain that is surrounded by a beautiful virgin land that Hiccup has never explored and we are almost taken back to our just-out-of-college days when we didn’t have the faintest of idea of what to do with our lives. It’s commendable how an animated dragon movie can establish an omnipresent connection with our lives at regular intervals. I haven’t seen such a beautiful piece of animation on screen for a long time.

When we are almost led to believe that Berk is destined to live in such harmony for the rest of their lives, director Dean DeBlois introduces a twist that I never saw coming! And almost instantly, the film shifts from a congenial animated movie to a serious drama where actions have serious consequences and some consequences that are irreversible. The dichotomy of emotions of a father and an abandoned husband are sounded beautifully by Gerard Butler for Stoick while Cate Blanchet’s mature voice adds enough character to Valka, Hiccup’s long lost mother. Fifteen minutes into the movie, you will be left mesmerized by the vivid display of colors in Valka’s dragon sanctuary and you wish you could be with Hiccup and Toothless experiencing the adventure that is splendidly unfolding in front of you. Together, the duo will take you on a dragon adventure that is endearing and mind-blowing. The visual and emotional density will leave you speechless, and the movie is definitely not for the faint hearted.