What Kind of Dragon Game is Best for You?

Perhaps it is the rarity of these creatures in real life, or maybe it is their awe-inspiring ability to roast their enemies – in any case, you just can’t get enough of playing dragon games! If you just entered the world of online dragon games and are wondering what kind of dragon adventures are available for you to choose from, here’s a brief guide to help you out. There may be hundreds of dragon games that you can play, but they all fall into one or more of these categories.

Dragon Fighting Games

Dragon fighting games bring the most fearsome and fascinating features of dragons together in adrenalin-pumping adventures. The dragons in these games are a sheer thrill to watch – with their tail-swishing, fire-breathing, animalistic fighting techniques, they are a formidable foe. However, this is the way a large section of gamers like it. With a human, part-human or dragon protagonist, many dragon fighting games pit the hero against evil, destructive and dangerous dragons. The story lines in these games vary greatly, with some of them pitting players against dragons that are guarding kidnapped princesses and others calling on the player to save a city from the dragons that terrorise its inhabitants. Then there are players that love staged fights. And what better creatures to stage fights with than – yes, you got it – dragons! In these online dragon games, dragons are reared and trained for fighting. Players advance to higher levels by ensuring their own beasts always emerge on the top. Games set in fantasy realms also involve a lot of dragon fighting.

Dragon Raising Games

Dragon raising games are all about nurturing a baby dragon from birth to adulthood. These games appeal to those who love dragons and enjoy games with a caring or nurturing theme to it. Raising a dragon online takes patience and dedication, but the hard work always pays off. Each dragon type often has its own special needs and characteristics. Players get a kick out of raising new and different species of dragons, with the rare ones causing considerable excitement. In some cases, the kind of care the dragon is given as it grows determines the way the dragon turns out as an adult. Dragon raising games are best for people who want nothing more than to watch their dragon babies grow into independent adults. If you’d like your adult dragons to be put to good use, then dragon training games may be more your thing.

Dragon Training Games

Dragon training games are great for people who would like to form a special bond with their virtual dragons. A dragon trainer must be caring and attentive to their pets and should be able to pick up on the mood and feelings of their dragons. Being able to understand your dragon is vital to being able to train it. Of course, some dragon training games have schools that you can attend to learn these complex skills. Choose your game based on whether you want to train your pet for fights or whether flight training is more what you had in mind. Trainers that are breeding dragons for fights will naturally have to distance themselves from their dragons-in-training, but otherwise you can expect to develop a relationship like the one between Hiccup and Toothless in the Dreamworks hit film ‘How to Train Your Dragon’.

Educational Dragon Games

Are you hoping to learn some scholastic skills while navigating through the land of dragons? Educational dragon games help you do just that! You can find games with educational content that make exciting dragon adventures great learning opportunities. Without even realizing it, you can be practicing reading, math, science and other important skills while soaring through the skies on the back of your fiery pet.


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