Did Dragons Ever Exist?

Is There Some Truth to Dragons?

Would you believe that dragons were actually formed out of misinterpretation of facts, artwork, myths and stories since ages? Read on to find out the reality!

It is often believed that dragons originated from serpents, eels and snakes. These reptiles evolved with each passing day and took the form of a more illustrated and ornamented reptile that we know today as dragons.

Most often in the past, bones of ancient animals such as dinosaurs were thought to be that of dragons’ and humans presumed them to be descendants of reptiles such as serpents, snakes and lizards. The theory of bones strongly indicates that people misinterpreted facts and created stories and fiction around the evolution of dragons. The bone theory leaves much to our imagination as Chinese and Asian dragons were far from having scientific structures!

Mythical DragonThe Beginning of Dragons

Scientifically speaking, creatures as big as the Chinese dragons could never have existed with four legs, an oversized head, and no wings. No living being in the history of the universe has been known to fly without wings or wing-like structures. Chinese dragons come the closest to ‘serpents with legs’. Some have argued that the dragons were filled with air which made them capable of flying. Scientists have debated that in order for such gargantuan creatures to fly, they would have had to have bodies even more monstrous than they were believed to have.

The mythical Western dragons are believed to have four legs, a long tail, wings, a wedge-shaped head like that of a crocodile, horns, spikes, spines and scales. While it may be true that crocodiles or alligators may have evolved from dragons, but could they possibly evolve so much as two lose the two wings that they used to fly with?

The myth surrounding sea dragons is by far the most believable. The depths of seas are so vast that not all species have been explored till date. However, sea dragons, assuming they existed, couldn’t have had wings. It would have been scientifically impossible for the creatures to take direct flight from the depth of the water into the air as the water would logically weigh them down! Also, if they were as big as projected, where would they get their regular diet from? They would need a lot of food down there to sustain themselves!

Hydras are probably the most unrealistic of all dragons. Hydras are believed to have six legs and more than one head – a fact that sounds rather improbable. Some argue that Hydras are Siamese twins of Western dragons. Having established that Western dragons were another debatable specie, and knowing clearly well that Siamese twins are rare, how could Hydras be twins from the rarest of rare species!

Dragons and Dinosaurs

It is but obvious to correlate dragons to dinosaurs in appearance. Dragons are depicted to have many dinosaur-like features like large teeth, reptilian appearances, sizes and shapes. Having been researched well, dinosaurs have been established to have existed in the ancient times. Unfortunately, dragons still wait for an establishment of their existence!

Science behind Dragons

While there are many who have dismissed the possibility of dragons ever having existed, there are also believers who strongly advocate that dragons did live once upon a time! Despite the presence of unrealistic limbs and unscientific wings, some documents show that dragons did have long carnivorous teeth that could easily tear into its victim almost with no mercy. They also had flat teeth that could grind hard rocks, which in turn aided the hydrogen-producing bacteria pulverize them to digest hard substances, a science that’s very similar to birds’ digestive systems. We leave the rest to your imagination and much to your desire to explore science!


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