Dragons You Haven’t Seen Before

Dragon artists usually agree on what dragons look like. Though each dragon picture has its own unique elements, the dragon itself is recognizable by its common characteristics. However, there are some unusual dragon pictures that question the commonly held beliefs about dragons. Here are some of the dragon pictures you’re unlikely to have come across before:

1.       Tiny Dragons

Most dragon pictures feature towering reptiles that loom over an entire village or dwarf the surrounding human beings with their size. However, some interesting dragon pictures depict a much smaller version of the fire-breathing animal. One striking image shows a girl stroking a tiny dragon resting on her finger.

2.       Dragons without Scales

Both written descriptions and dragon pictures accord a great deal of importance to the scales of a dragon. A dragon’s scales are said to be jewel-like, and glitter brightly in the sun. They are also extremely tough and are very effective in protecting the dragon from attacks. A dragon without scales is therefore highly unusual. Some dragon pictures depict the creature with a more feathery or bony exterior, providing a stark contrast to the usual depiction of dragons in dragon art.

3.       Rainbow Dragons

Dragons are traditionally believed to be dark and reptilian. They are drawn in shades of green, black, and red. Sometimes, dragons may also appear in bright sapphire blue or emerald green. Occasionally the scales are tinged with hues of a second or third color that blends in with the first. A rainbow colored dragon therefore sticks out prominently from the remaining dragon pictures. Different parts of the body are depicted a different color, with the scales arranged in a rainbow-like pattern.

4.       Fearful Dragons

Reigning supreme in the sky and leaving behind a path of terror and destruction on land, a dragon is anything but afraid. Its aggression and hostility are very easy to sense in dragon pictures. The good dragons are drawn with an aura of peace and contentment. A dragon afraid and hiding away in the forest is unheard of. The strangeness of these dragons lies not in their appearance but their demeanour. Interestingly some artists also depict them as camouflaged with the greenery around them in the forest.

5.       Unarmed Dragons

Dragons are renowned for their skill at fighting. They are naturally armed with protective scales and plates on their body as well as thorns, claws, horns and clubs for attacking. Unusual dragon pictures depict a creature without any armour. The dragon is neither able to protect itself from enemies nor launch an attack of its own.

6.       Dragons in Water

Dragon artists love to draw their dragons with fire. Fire-breathing dragons look magnificent and terrifying. Sometimes the dragon is depicted along with the destruction it has just caused in the city – usually a collection of burning buildings. Dragons are also commonly drawn in the sky. The one element that rarely makes it to drawings of the Western dragon is water. However, there are a few examples of dragon art depicting dragons enjoying water. These dragon pictures show the creature swimming leisurely, cooling off in the sea and in some cases upsetting boats.

7.       Skeletal Dragons

Though commonly unheard of, some dragon pictures show a dragon-like creature made of nothing but bones. It is not very clear whether these dragons were born this way or they have returned from the dead.


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