Learn About Different Dragons with Dragon Coloring Pages

Coloring pages are fun and make a great pastime. They help kids improve their hand-eye coordination and concentration power. Dragon coloring pages are more fun than ordinary coloring pages with the depiction of countless types and species of dragons, from both the fictional and real world. Recent movies like ‘How to Train Your Dragon’, ‘The Crown and the Dragon’, ‘P-51 Dragon Fighter’, and ‘Dawn of the Dragonslayer’ have made dragon coloring worksheets a rage among kids!

ImageCute Dragon Coloring Pages

Websites such as School of Dragons, Hellokids and Coloring have a bunch of cute dragon coloring pages that can be downloaded for free so that kids have a great time coloring them with pastels and crayons. The cute dragons on the coloring pages are generally roundish with very animated features. They are characterized by eyes that pop out, arms that are muscular, tongues that stick out, hands that make dancing gestures, mouths that express happiness or sadness, tummies that are unusually bloated, and horns that are rounded at the edges! Such dragons look like the perfect pets that kids will love to take back home with them. Kids feel a close association with such dragons as they represent comic features similar to favorite cartoon characters on television.

Coloring Pages of Dragons in FictionImage

If we rewind a little, the sweet-natured dragon who fell in love with the Donkey in Shrek had captured our hearts with its rolling innocent eyes. Even today, almost 12 years after Shrek released in 2001, kids love to download different avatars of the sweet dragon and color them!

With the current trend, The Night Fury from How to Train Your Dragon is now the hot favorite among young kids, while the Zipplebacks are a favorite with older children. Toothless, the adorable Night Fury, is typically characterized by the absence of any horns. Mostly, the Night Fury has a single-toned body which is generally the color of midnight sky. With defined features like large yellowish-green eyes, bat-like wings, and two ear-like plates behind their heads, Nigh Furies are comparatively easier for little kids to color. On the other hand, Zipplebacks are the most merciless of all types of dragons in fiction. They have two elongated serpentine necks, characterized by curved spikes, with a hideous head on each. Both the heads have serrated fangs of different lengths, the left head having longer fangs on the bottom jaw. They also have two tails for monstrous attacks and a pair of small wings, just in case! Zipplebacks’ claws are silver in color and the body is a blended hue of many greens. Elder kids enjoy Zipplebacks’ coloring pages more because of the many diverse physical features that they have. They love the way Zipplebacks’s two heads work in tandem to wreak havoc on eels and humans, thus enjoying them more on dragon coloring pages. Other favorite dragon coloring pages that kids love to color feature Gronckles, Terrible Terors, Nadders, Boneknappers, and Monstrous Nightmares, from How to Train Your Dragon.


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