Science Games on Android – Favorite Games of Science on Android

Popular Science Games on Android

In the beginning it was the classroom, then it was the computer, and now it’s the phone that hosts the most interesting science games! Both cognitive and fun,these games also help kids understand their science topics and lessons in a perfect setup!Here are the top science games for Android that kids can enjoy in the comfort of their homes or even on the go, and learn a great deal while playing!

Angry Birds


Rovio’s flagship game has successfully taken over the world of Android science games by storm! Angry Birds hasattracted its fair share of ardent followers and is enjoyed by kids and adults alike, giving the game a whopping share in the space of mobile science games. Angry Birds involves a great deal of Physics, as voiced by Rovio’s Vice President SannaLukander, “It’s not just games we’re talking about here: It’s a full 360-degree approach to learning, where games are just one part of it. It’s not learning by sitting down and playing with a digital device”. The underlying idea of the game is to catapult the irate fowls into the air aiming in such a way so as to kill the villainous pigs who have stolen their eggs. Estimating the height, length, and target of the catapult shot requires a fair understanding of physics and other disciplines such as math and critical thinking. Kids will love the trial-and-error option the game offers as they can go back to each round to try their luck more than once.

Cut the Rope

As claimed by ZeptoLab, the developers of the game, Cut the Rope is a “cute Physics puzzler”!Players will have to feed an ogre named Om Nom some yummy candies by cutting ropes, breaking the candy with modifiers, and collecting stars along the way. The mechanism of feeding candies to Om Nom requires ingenuity and science skills coupledwith knowledge on a variety of concepts such as gravity, weight, and motion at play. The cartoony illustrations and easy mechanism of thescience game draw kids easily to it. The game is great for kindergartners and elementary schoolers and features an ideal complexity curve too; the developers offer fair time to master a level before a player is pushed to a higher level that requires different science skills and more precision.


This is a fairly simple Android game from Playdots, Inc. and has been claimed to be extremely addictive by adults and kids alike. The objective of the game is to connect as many dots as possible in 60 seconds, and the competition can bemade more interesting if players connect to social media and compete with pals. The new modes of the science gameinclude an endless mode, a gravity shuffling mode, and a no-limits mode. The new gravity mode makes the dots appear to be falling with gravity and move across the screenbased on the angle of the phone. Playing thiskids’ science game involves an acute sense of anticipating, strategizing, observing, and timing. It is a great relaxer of the brain while making it work overtime too!

There are many other mobile as well as online games that use science as an integral part of the game. These games may not be directly advertised as science games, but they surely have their science in place. They are excellent stress busters for adults and learning tools for kids. It’s not for nothing that tablets are becoming popular day by day!


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