Facebook Games Based On Dragons

Riding on the success of digitalized dragon folklores and movies, several brands and franchises have chipped in to make it big with dragon games too. The outcome is for all to see on the most popular human hub, Facebook, which has a number of dragon games that are considerably popular among kids and adults alike. Such Facebook games provide players with the right amount of thrill and visually stimulating graphics that get them promptly addicted. Let’s have a look at the most popular Facebook games based on dragons!

Dragon City

“Become The Dragon Master! What will you get if you cross a Water Dragon with a Fire Dragon? Be the master of all the elements.” – That’s how players are greeted on its Facebook fan-page. This is a game that can be played with one’s network of friends on the popular social media platform. Players have to breed their own dragons, create a fantastic world with them on the little magical islands that form the setup of the game, and combat with other groups of dragons to retain supremacy in the fictitious world.

School of Dragons

Inspired by DreamWorks Animations’ movie “How to Train Your Dragon”, the Facebook game of dragons is slowly gaining immense popularity with kids. The educational angle of the game is a win-win situation for parents too. Become a Viking, choose a pet dragon and train it, explore Berk, make new friends along the game, and complete quests using the scientific method to become a leader. The game’s recognition among parents and kids has led the developers to release its mobile app on Android and Apple platforms, making it an even bigger phenomenon. Berk it is, then!

Dragon Age Legends

Created by BioWare, Dragon Age was a video game that was originally developed as Dragon Age: Origins back in 2009. The popularity of the game led the developers to come up with its Facebook game version very recently. The game is high on fantasy and fiction, and “blends accessible and engaging tactical combat, progression and exploration in the Dragon Age universe”. The game has inspired three novels; Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne, Dragon Age: The Calling and Dragon Age: Asunder; which have all occupied the slot of highest-selling fantasy-fiction in the publishing world at one point or the other.

Dragons of Atlantis

Developed by Kabam, this is another of the many dragon games on Facebook. Just as the name suggests, Atlantis forms the backdrop of the game that’s rich with high-resolution graphics and nerve-wracking thrill! The tribes of Atlantis are out there to save themselves from one another. Players have to use the mythical powers of the “Ancient Ones” to build an extensive empire and conquer their enemies (other tribes). According to the developers, it takes “utmost courage and intellect to prevail” among the Dragons of Atlantis! So, hop on to the dragon-wagon and unleash the beast in you!

With the plethora of cool Facebook games based on dragons, we’re sure it won’t be long before we also have Facebook games based on antelopes, mermaids, and elves!


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