Dragons you can hope to see in How to Train Your Dragon 2


While some of your favorite dragons from How to Train Your Dragon will be back, you’ll get introduced to some new ones too in the sequel – How to Train Your Dragon 2. The adorable pets will definitely ensure that your movie experience will be a rocking one!



Hiccup befriends this Night Fury dragon in How to Train Your Dragon when he injures Toothless in a dragon slaying fight. He cannot bring himself to kill the little feline looking dragon and instead nurses and helps him to recover from his wounds. The two start bonding and Hiccup finally names his pet ‘Toothless’! Hiccup creates a makeshift tail-wing that he can use to direct Toothless as they fly together. However, when Astrid discovers this new found friendship between Viking and dragon, she threatens to spill the beans. The duo takes her on a ride through the clouds and the sky, leaving her mesmerized. Eventually, when the rest of the village comes to know of this relationship, Toothless proves his loyalty and love for Hiccup by rescuing his friend from a Monstrous Nightmare.



Stormfly is Astrid’s pet dragon and we’ll see her in the same avatar in How to Train Your Dragon 2 too. We first met the Deadly Nadder in A Hero’s Guide to Deadly Dragons. She was locked up in the film for Dragon Training, but was eventually released by Astrid when the entire dragon race was fighting against the Red Death. We see Astrid riding on the Nadder, along with the other young Vikings and their dragons, in the climax scene of How to Train Your Dragons 2’s prequel.

Barf and Belch


Ruffnut and Tuffnut’s Hideous Zippleback dragon has two heads named Barf and Belch. The twin headed dragon has trouble deciding which head goes in what direction and in focusing on one target. However, unlike their owners, the heads can cooperate with each other and work together. Ruffnut and Tuffnut ride upon the Zippleback to fight with the Red Death, just like Hiccup’s other friends.



Photo Courtesy – How to Train your Dragon Wiki

Combining Thor and Tornado, you have Stoick’s dragon Thornado! He is a Thunder Drum dragon who first appeared in the Dragons: Riders of Berk episode of How to Pick Your Dragon on October 3, 2012. He has also made brief appearances in Portrait of Hiccup as a Buff Young Man, What Flies Beneath, Breakneck Bog, and Gem of a Different Color where he and Academy dragons work together to save Hiccup and Toothless from the Outcasts. Will we finally get a glimpse of him in How to Train Your Dragon 2?

Wait till How to Train Your Dragon 2 releases on June 13th to catch your favorite dragons and Hiccup back in action!


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