How to Train your Dragon – Make your own Hiccup Costume

The stupendous success of How to Train your Dragon 2 has inspired a lot of young fans to dress up as Viking warrior Hiccup and it promises to be a popular costume this Halloween. There’s a line of HTTYD-inspired clothing out on the market, but if you’re a DIY aficionado, you might want to put together a Hiccup costume yourself. It is easy and doesn’t cost a bomb either. Check this out!

A Breakdown of the Hiccup costume

Hiccup is the 14-year-old son of the Viking chief in the first How to Train Dragon and about 20 in the second. He belongs to a warrior tribe and flies atop his pet dragon. Through most of the movie, you see him characteristically dressed in brown pants, a green mid-thigh length tunic/shirt and a fur coat that looks like an open-front vest. His accessories include Viking-style boots and hat, along with a brown belt holding a small dagger.

Putting the Hiccup Costume together

Buy some coarse brown felt or fake fur from the fabric store, cut it and hand stitch or machine stitch onto boot toppers and vest. You can make the belt out of cheap scrap fabric or fake suede cloth or use the same material as the vest. Secure fur on the boots and the belt with iron-on Velcro. If you little guy does not own a pair of brown pants, buy or borrow a pair of cargo or corduroy pants.

For the shirt, check out Walmart or Target for inexpensive shirts in various shades of green. Cut a “V” in the neck and attach the string with an easy slip stitch. If your stitching skills are shaky, use a hot glue gun to secure the string. The “real” Hiccup had slits up the sides of his shirt, so you might want to replicate that for authenticity. Feeling adventurous? Spiff up the shirt with suede leather lacing for a dashing yet understated look.

If you don’t want to spend too much for a pair of shoes, try those inexpensive brown suede knockoff Ugg boots at Walmart or Amazon. A plastic dagger for your little warrior can be bought at any dollar store. Top off this cool How to Train your Dragon outfit with one of those cute Viking hats that dollar stores stock in plenty, but if you can’t find one there, it’s available on Amazon for a few bucks.

All told, the How to Train your Dragon 2 Hiccup costume shouldn’t set you back by more than 30 dollars.


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