More About Dragons from the HTTYD Short Films

‘How to Train Your Dragon’ was one delightful movie. If you are like most people, the movie left you wanting to see more of Berk and its inhabitants and spend more time with the adorable dragons. Fortunately, fans did not have to wait too long as DreamWorks Animation soon released three short films based on the movie. Keeping with the high quality standards of the movie, the short films are a delightful way to satisfy your cravings for Berk-esque cuteness! Better still, they actually introduce you to new dragon species not seen in HTTYD, and provide additional information about the nature of these magnificent beasts.

  1. Legend of the Boneknapper Dragon

Everything the Vikings knew about dragons was the stuff of legend, and rarely if ever true. Gobber, formerly one of the most courageous dragon slayers on the island, has a similar history. ‘Legend of the Boneknapper Dragon’ expands on this theme, and tells of Gobber’s history with the elusive beast. However, none of the other Vikings have ever seen this dragon. Can Gobber’s extraordinary tales really be believed? If so, why is the Boneknapper the only dragon that is still hostile to human beings? Something is amiss, and hopefully the young Vikings will be able to solve the mystery and return to tell the tale.

The curious story of the boneknapper dragon is sure to delight fans of ‘How to Train Your Dragon’.

  1. Book of Dragons

This short film lets you imagine that you are sitting among the characters of ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ during one of their dragon training classes. Gobber explains the origin of the book of dragons, and his great-great-great-grandfather Bork’s role in authoring the book. Bork’s numerous misadventures with dragons taught him a lot about their characteristics, and he came up with the idea of classifying them based on their similarities. Along with anecdotes from Bork’s life, the viewer learns about the discoveries made by Hiccup and his friends in their adventures with dragons. The short film also introduces several dragons not seen in HTTYD, and goes into detail about the types of dragons and their characteristics. At the end of the short story, the viewer is invited to try dragon training first-hand.

  1. Gift of the Night Fury

This short film is a Christmas special, though the festival is known only as ‘Snoggletog’ in Berk. The Vikings are looking forward to celebrating their winter festival with their new pets, and are alarmed when all the dragons suddenly depart from the island. No one, including Hiccup, is able to explain the mystery, leaving the Vikings distraught. Though some consider Hiccup fortunate to have a dragon who can’t fly away on its own, Hiccup feels for Toothless and makes him a new tail fin that he can operate independently. Hiccup’s excitement is short-lived as Toothless loses no time in flying away. Where have all the dragons gone? Why is Fishlegs acting funny? And why doesn’t Toothless return when the remaining dragons do? These are the questions that keep viewers glued to their seats during this endearing film.

‘Gift of the Night Fury’ does well with the Christmas theme, using the characters of ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ to dwell on the value of selflessness, spreading cheer and friendship.

Though only about twenty minutes each, the short films are a welcome addition to the ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ franchise. The directors do a great job of taking viewers back to Berk for a brief sojourn with their old friends before returning them home to wait for the next addition to the series.

Meta description:

The HTTYD short films introduce viewers to new dragon species not seen in the movie, and provide additional information about the nature of these magnificent beasts.


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