Reviewing Penguins of Madagascar

I caught a show of the rib-tickling penguin adventure, Penguins of Madagascar, and boy was I glad! Everyone knows I’m a huge fan of Dreamworks and therefore I thought I’d do a review here, even though I want this to be a dragon related site.

You’ll see the sidekicks from the Madagascar series globetrot across Antarctica, Venice, Shanghai and America to forge an alliance with the North Wind to defeat the villainous “Dave” (Dr Octavius Brine, voiced by John Malkovich). Led by the highly trained and arrogant Agent Classified (Benedict Cumberbatch), “North Wind” specializes in spy missions, this being their one of the most high-profile cases.

The Plot

There’s nothing super innovative and ingenious about the plot, but it is still entertaining. In their quest for Cheesy Dibbles, our featherless four from the Madagascar series – Skipper (the unquestioned leader of the gang), Kowalski (the brains behind every operation), Rico (the ammo expert) and Private (with his heart always in the right place) – find themselves the target of Dave, an evil Octopus masquerading as a scientist. Dave’s mission, since the penguins stole his limelight at the Zoo many years ago, is to turn all the penguins of the world into ugly monsters. To save them from Dave, the interspecies task force, North Wind, comes to their rescue.

What follows is a rollercoaster ride. Mad antics typical of the adorable flippered birds and great punchlines every now and then ensure that the guffaws keep coming!

Catch It or Miss It?

DreamWorks has done a commendable job by giving the penguins of Madagascar the roles and screen space that they deserve. The impressive animation coupled with witty, rib-tickling dialogues of all the characters makes the movie a wonderful family adventure. Not a moment goes by without some shenanigan or the other by the characters or quick, witty repartee between them. Going by the number of laugh-out-loud moments I saw my kids have in the movie hall, I can safely say that this movie has found fans in my kids.

On the tech side of things, Penguins of Madagascar is a colorful journey with careful details that have gone into the animated 3D scenes. Aesthetic camerawork, crisp editing and superlative animation thoughtfully contribute towards the flamboyance of the North Wind and the cuteness of the penguins. The fine movements of the octopi’ tentacles to the ten-in-a-second flapping of the penguins’ wings make for brilliant visuals alongside the plot.

Save for being stretched at a few points, like the penultimate fight between the villains and the heroes, Penguins of Madagascar makes for a wonderful watch with family this Christmas!

Have you watched the movie? What did you think of it?


One thought on “Reviewing Penguins of Madagascar

  1. I enjoyed the movie. It’s certainly not the best animated film I’ve ever seen, but it features my favorite penguins, so it could never truly be bad 🙂

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