Three Mobile and Online Games that Adults are Hooked on to

What do we do when we are not at office, not looking after the kids, not whipping up another dish of pasta, or taking the kids out for a walk? Yes, we play games! Here are 3 of the most popular games that have the adults hooked on to them!

King of Thieves

King of ThievesScreenshot from

If you’ve heard a friend of late asking you, “How safe is your dungeon” or “How many gems did you steal last night”, then please know that your friend is another casualty of the addictive game called the King of Thieves! The game has got an interesting and exciting roadmap which allows the players to multitask and not wait for ‘keys’, an essential component to play the game, to get replenished to advance to the next level. Protecting one’s dungeon where the player’s pot of gold is kept, advancing through levels so that gems and more dungeon layouts are unlocked, and attacking other players to steal their gems and gold are some of the exciting actions that happen here simultaneously. The game allows a player to connect through Facebook and form guilds with his Facebook friends to counter attack and avenge players who have raided his dungeon. What attracts adults to the game is its multitasking feature and the need to strategize every move. It’s important to figure which task has to be completed first, which gems need to be ‘ritualized’ in the totem to garner maximum points, who is the perfect player that can be raided, how to optimize the traps in the player’s dungeon to keep off attackers, and what is the best possible way to complete a level (there is more than one solution to every level). So move over Candy Crush Saga, here’s introducing the next big thing on the block – King of Thieves!

Word Battle

Word BattleScreenshot from

This is another cool multiplayer game where one’s word prowess comes into use. The game chooses four random players for each round, each of whom gets to choose nine letters, combining vowels and consonants, for a round to begin. Each of the letters looks similar to a Scrabble letter tile and has a point on it. The objective of the game is to make the highest scoring word with the given letters in each round. Each game consists of four rounds. The player with the highest score at the end of the four rounds wins the game. The time taken to form each word is the tie breaker in case two or three players score the same points at the end of the game. Word Battle gives you a certain a number of coins each day, depending on the number of successful referrals by you, which you can trade to get additional time for each round, check if your word exists, and get a glimpse of the words the others are making, or add another additional letter.



Neopets is a pet game online that has had loyal players playing the game since the last 30 years! Players can create and care for virtual pets called Neopets and explore the world of the virtual pet gameonline called Neopia. Although Neopets don’t die when not fed or neglected, surprisingly the only aim in the game is to look after, feed and care for the Neopets and help them grow up. The unique and cute Neopets come in a variety of colors and species and players can adopt their own pet and customize it. Apart from looking after the adopted pet, players have a couple of more interesting angles in the pet game online to look forward to – the multiplayer Altador Cup that takes place at regulaly, mini games such as Meerca Chase III, Kass Basher, Turmac Roll, Hasee Bounce, and a plethora of good reads like the Neopian Times, Neopian comics, and Neopets related lores. Some of the puzzles available at Neopets are so exciting and challenging that they can give regular online puzzles a run for their money.


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