The Story of Blue Dragon

Blue Dragon was an old RPG we used to play as kids on the X Box. Not everyone had an X Box back then so we would always gather in one of two houses that had it and take turns to mental in that fictional world. You can imagine our joy when Cartoon Network announced the anime version of the game would be aired soon. In the days before we were addicted to Dragon Ball Z, we had Blue Dragon.


The story begins when a village called Talta is overcast with strange purple clouds and misfortune falls upon them in the name of a terrifying monster – The Land Shark. Friends Shu, Kluke and Jirom instead of looking for shelter, seek to slow down the Land Shark and save their village. Later, they discover that the Land Shark is really a machine that is being controlled by someone in the sky. During their adventures, they battle with the Land Shark, discover many new places and get captured and taken to home base of the machine.

As with most anime’s, the show spoke about friendship and loyalty and bravery and while it didn’t last long on cartoon network, became one of those cult favorites that bring back memories of a carefree childhood. If you haven’t watched it already, a few episodes are available to stream on Youtube. Get to it J


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