Dragon Classes in the HTTYD Universe

In the How to Train your Dragon universe, Hiccup and other Vikings before and after him spent a lot of time trying to understand dragons and classing them based on their characteristics and abilities. In the short, Book of Dragons, it is mentioned that the idea to categorize dragons started with a Viking called Bork the Bold, the great (x3) grandfather of Gobber. I have always found this fascinating. Maybe it stems from my childhood obsession of collecting those baseball, WWE and Pokémon cards – pitting one person/creature against another.

 Bork the Bold

While I will go into the details of each dragon separately over a period of time, I’d like to briefly mention the classes and the dragons under them (over a series of posts). I will do three at a time for now.

Stoker Class

These dragons are said to be extremely hotheaded and are known fire breathers.

Some of the dragons under this class are – Monstrous Nightmare, Terrible Terror, Typhoomerang, Fireworm, Red Death, Hobblegrunt and Moldruffle.

Boulder Class

They are dragons that have wings that are smaller than their bodies and are associated with the earth. They can fly just as high as other dragons and sometimes eat rocks.

Some of the dragons under this class are – Gronckle, Whispering Death, Hotburple, Snafflefang, Thunderpede, Groncicle and Grapple Grounder

Tracker Class

A new classification, dragons in the tracker class are stealthy and have an acute sense of smell and are fantastic at their tracking abilities.

Some of the dragons under this class are – Deadly Nadder, Rumblehorn and Thunderclaw

Which are your favorite dragons from these classes? Let me know.

Next time, we’ll be tackling the Sharp Class, the Tidal Class and the Mystery Class.


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