Dinosaur and Dragon Games on STEAM


Anyone who knows me knows of my deep love for all things dragon and dinosaurs. While I don’t go on much about dinosaurs on this blog, they are pretty close to my heart and I thought it high time I mentioned it loud and clear. It’s been an obsession since I was a young kid and it’s something that’s only grown as I’ve grown older. I’ve also waxed ad nauseum about my love of dragon games, not really doing any justice to all the dinosaur games I play whenever I get the chance. Here is a list of dragon and dinosaur games on STEAM and one very special game that has BOTH of them. Yes, both! You can thank me later!

Jurassic Park: The Game              

Jurassic Park Screenshot

When the movies came out in the 90s, I remember annoying my parents to take me to it a million times. When they announced the one that will come out soon, I squealed just as I did two decades ago. Suffice to say that when this game came out, I had to try it out. The game is set during the events of the first movie. Due to a failed security system, dinosaurs from the Jurassic Park are roaming free and a rogue corporation is out to collect their embryos.


I love indie game developers and as such go looking for games specifically by them. Toren is one such game, developed by Brazilian developer Swordtales. The protagonist of this game is female and as the game progress, you grow from infancy to adulthood through various adventures. You solve puzzles, battle monsters as you try to climb the Toren tower to find your purpose. I love the storytelling that wraps this game up in addictive package. Also, did I mention dragons?

theHunter: Primal


From theHunter series comes Primal, a prehistoric survival games. It is a typical survival game and as such really exciting, as can be easily proven by its 5 million strong fan base. The objective of the game is to reclaim the wilderness so you can sow the seeds of civilization on it. This means exploring new worlds, dodging deadly dinosaurs, steering clear of poisonous plants. You can play a single player game but in my opinion, playing with your friends and other players in more fun.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Dragonborn

One of the chapters of the Elder Scrolls Saga, Skyrim Dragonborn is an add on to the Elder Scrolls V. Like its base game, Dragonborn gives you the feel of an epic fantasy virtual world that is laid out for you to explore. You can choose the type of character you play – with weapons and skills to match. My favorite part is the bit where you get to battle ancient (and very impressive) dragons. You get to learn how to harness their power and discover all of their secrets.

ARK: Survival Evolved


This is another survival game but with both my favorite creatures in one visual masterpiece. In the game you can hunt, gather resources, farm, and build shelters. You also get to battle dinosaurs and tame them. Domination over other creatures helps you survive. The other option is to escape. It has real life tasks where your character has to eat meat or plants with just the right nutritional value, harvest clean water etc. You can also create a tribe and add your friends so you can team up for better chances of survival.


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