Life Lessons from Ogres, Dragons & Pandas

‘It’s the stories we’re told that become the morals we live by,” so the saying goes. And life’s best lessons generally come from the unlikeliest of creatures – say, dragons, ogres and pandas which we’ve all come to love in our favorite animated movies.

I have a list of wonderful lessons from some extremely popular animated flicks, which make known to us the right way to take on the trials and travails of real life. Here goes.


‘Don’t judge people by their covers, most of their books are still being written.’

ShrekShrek, the ugly green ogre, is taken for granted to be a brutal, heartless creature whose favorite pastime is devouring humans. One wiggle of his little finger and everyone in the vicinity screams in terror and runs for their lives! But the real Shrek is a kind, gentle, loving creature who wishes to harm nobody. And when it comes to Fiona, his lady love, she sums it up perfectly when she says, ‘I want the ogre I fell in love with’, choosing to keep him the way he is, as an ogre itself. The underlying lesson – it’s never, ever about looks alone. It’s the heart of the person that counts.

How to Train Your Dragon:

‘A friend in need is a friend indeed.’

How to train your dragonThe endearing friendship between the Hiccup (the human) and Toothless (the dragon) bears testimony to the fact that friendships can be everlasting. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, it doesn’t matter if your friend in question is not of your ilk, it doesn’t matter if one of you has big brains or big muscles and the other doesn’t. What matters is the bond shared between two true friends that enables them to protect each other from harm, be there for each other in times of need, be one as a team. And that’s exactly the kind of friendship I would want my kids to form in the years to come.

Kung Fu Panda:

‘Don’t judge yourself by your past. You don’t live there anymore.’

Kung fu pandaWe all have a past – some things that happened back then make us proud and happy, while there are mistakes which we committed that make us feel sad or guilty. But you know what? The best way to look ahead and get on with life is to forget what happened in the past; there’s, after all, a reason it’s not coming back! When the mighty Kung Fu Panda warrior, Po, finds out that he is adopted, he goes through a major identity crisis. But as soon as he begins to accept the fact that it was all a part of his past and has no bearings on his present, he emerges stronger than before. After all, who we are does not depend of what occurred in the past; it is a direct consequence of what we choose to be in the present.

And last but not the least, here’s what Dory of Finding Nemo had to say: “Just Keep Swimming!”


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