Dragons in Comics – Dulcy & Lockheed

Dragons are everywhere – literature, film, television, radio, comics, songs, games and everywhere else. Here are two popular dragons, characters out of well-known comic books. Heard of them before?


Dulcy (Sonic the Hedgehog): For those of you who have read Sonic the Hedgehog comics, Dulcy is not an unknown character. The story goes something like this – Dulcy, the young female dragon, was initially a part of a dragon colony which had established a hidden civilization. She was eventually banished from her fellow dragons for getting involved in the fight against Robotnik. Eventually, she went on to thwart an attack by Robotnik’s forces and was welcomed back with open arms amongst the other dragons.

LockheedLockheed (Marvel Comics, X-Men): The companion of the fictional X-Men superhero Kitty Pryde, this small, alien, cat-like European dragon with sharp claws and teeth is purple in color and has wings. His most lethal weapon – he can breathe fire. He has a soft side to himself too as he is empathic at times and is also intelligent as he has the ability to understand human speech and even speak some basic English.


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