A Miniature Blue Dragon in Real-Life

Yes, you read it right. Though gigantic, fire-breathing dragons may only be mythical monsters not existing on the face of the earth, here is a miniature dragon which exists in real life. And guess what? It’s touted to be one of the most beautiful animals on the planet – and is called a ‘blue dragon’!


Image courtesy: Wikipedia

Here are some fascinating facts about this ‘dragon’ of sorts:

  • In scientific terminology, it is called Glaucus atlanticus.
  • Other common names of the blue dragon include – sea swallow, blue glaucus, blue sea slug, blue angel and blue ocean slug.
  • Fully grown, it’s just more than an inch in length (up to 3 centimeters).
  • It spends its life floating upside down in warm ocean currents, aided by the surface tension of water.
  • It has a powerful venom and a fatal sting which has the ability to take down other larger animals at the drop of a hat.
  • It has a camouflaged body – the blue color blending in with the blue of the waters.

As renowned American ornithologist Margaret Morse Nice very aptly put it: ‘The study of nature is a limitless field, the most fascinating adventure in the world’.

Leave alone dragons; wonder what fascinating organism we’ll come across next?


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