3 Fun Dragon Games & Apps for Kids

I recently came across an article here which talked about why we should be sharing old, traditional stories which involve dragons, fairies and Greek Gods with our kids. That made me think about how the world today has changed from how we knew it back when we were kids; then, it was all about books and stories like Heroes of the Valley by Jonathan Stroud, Dragonsong by Anne McCaffrey and The Robe of Skulls by Vivian French, among others. But now, it’s more about online video games and mobile apps involving dragons than old folklore and story books.


Dragon” by AnoviJoe is licensed under CC by 2.0

Here are three dragon games and apps which are very popular with kids today.

Dragon City

The primary goal of Dragon City is to rear and raise dragons to turn into a ‘dragon master’ – the player needs to provide food for them to grow, nurture them, ensure they are well suited to their natural habitats and surroundings and also have sparring matches with other dragons. The best way to earn virtual currency – ‘free gems’ – is by participating in surveys within the game, in addition to completing certain other activities that enable you to progress more rapidly through the initial levels. Kids love it because the dragons appear to be cute and friendly creatures. You can also build a magical world in Dragon City through the Dragon City mobile apps on platforms like Android and iOS.

School of Dragons

Best suited for kids aged 10 years and above, the School of Dragons is a popular MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) which is a big hit with both kids and parents alike – kids because of the much-loved game characters based on the DreamWorks’ How to Train Your Dragon movie series; and parents love it since the dragon games are full of underlying educational scientific themes, which help in students learning about various concepts of science, all the while playing with their favorite characters and dragons. The game begins by hatching dragon eggs, acquiring food for them from various sources and eventually preparing them for combat. This one is available on all major mobile platforms as well.

Jurassic Story Dragon Games

Kids who love dragons would definitely wish to keep dinosaurs as pets too! This game is all about raising several dinosaurs in a park (kids will especially adore the cute little baby dragons), breeding and collecting these creatures using a series of hints, working their way through very realistic islands, valleys and volcanoes, looking for rare dragon and dinosaur eggs through simple strategy games and the like. The player earns more coins and jewels as he progresses through the game. Easy, fun and enjoyable – the Jurassic Story Dragon Games are a complete package of sorts.

Wish to add any more to the list?


Dragons and Zombies in Call of Duty


Image courtesy: Cinemablend

The extremely popular first person shooter video game franchise, Call of Duty, has two new and exciting entrants – one is dragons and the other is giant robots which look like zombies. In addition to these and the other usual stuff, there’s an exciting new range of weaponry and enemies. The initial video released shows an interesting looking dragon-themed shield which shoots green fire. Exciting times ahead for Call of Duty fans!

Activision, the publisher and owner of the game, had this to say: ‘Players will face off against a swarm of mechanized zombie infantry and dodge hell-fire from aerial dragon assaults in the ruins of Stalingrad. The mission will also feature new enemies, weapons and gameplay mechanics, including a shield shaped like a dragon that seems to unleash emerald fire.’

Slated for release on July 12 on the PlayStation 4 followed by subsequent releases on the Xbox One and PC versions, this new DLC pack that goes by the name of Descent sure looks like a whole lot of fun. After all, with dragons involved, things couldn’t be anything but, could they?

How to Train Your Dragon themed Birthday Party – Part I – Food

Birthday parties are an intrinsic part of any kid’s childhood. As a little child, I still remember the birthday parties we had at home – while our courtyard would be full of multicolored balloons and streamers (courtesy dad), mum would be entrusted with the all-important task of baking the birthday cake (chocolate-flavored since that was my favorite). The neighborhood kids would come over, we would have a gala time playing fun games like passing-the-parcel, musical chairs or pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey and wind up the party with a home-cooked meal comprising of pizzas and ice-cream, or something similar.

Cut to the present. Birthday party themes are the rage these days. Kids want an elaborate party that is planned right down to the last detail. So while themes like ‘fairy princess parties’ would mean fairy wings and wands for each girl who attends, twinkling fairy lights to decorate the venue, pink lemonade and pink frosted cupcakes, ‘superhero parties’ are all about flowing Superman capes, eye masks and face paints, accompanied with war cries at regular intervals (but of course).

Along the same lines, movie-themed birthday parties have become popular among kids too. My kids at home are big fans of the How to Train Your Dragon series ever since they watched the first movie of the series. Lately, I’ve been thinking if we could throw a dragon-themed party for my son’s birthday, which is still three months away. Here are a couple of dragon-inspired cake ideas I came across as a result of my research on the same subject.

A Dragon Birthday Cake


It goes without saying that in a How to Train Your Dragon themed birthday party the main attraction has to be the dragon cake. Have a look at this video o know how to go about making a Toothless cake or this Stormfly cake for those kids who are fans of Astrid’s pet dragon. A layer of chocolate buttercream icing over the body of Toothless gives the ideal finish to the Night Fury cake. A sure shot way to bring a whole lot of oohs and aahs from the kids would be to stick the candles to be blown out in Toothless’ mouth – after all, he is the ferocious fire-breathing dragon, isn’t he?

Dragon Muffins or Fiery Cupcakes

Chocolate muffins work best for the Toothless look. The topping can be made of buttercream as before or even ready-made vanilla frosting. Cover the chocolate muffins fresh-out-of-the-oven evenly with the frosting of your choice. A good idea is to cover the frosting with Oreo cookie crumbs to give a scale-like impression of the dragon’s body. Green and yellow food dyes can be used to give color to the eyes on the cupcake. Freeze the dyed frosting for a couple of minutes to be able to easily cut out the eyes and add them onto the cupcake. You can use melted chocolate to mark out the pupils on the green eye. And you’re done!

Similarly, using orange, red or yellow colored frosting instead of the Oreo crumbs topping, one can get the look of cupcakes which are on fire.

To add to the spread, check out this previous post on dragon cocktails (you would need to convert these into mocktails for the kids’ party) and also dragon desserts (though if you manage to come up with a fantastic cake and muffins as mentioned above, these shouldn’t be required as such).

More ideas on the dragon-theme inspired birthday party coming up in the next few posts!

Dinosaur and Dragon Games on STEAM


Anyone who knows me knows of my deep love for all things dragon and dinosaurs. While I don’t go on much about dinosaurs on this blog, they are pretty close to my heart and I thought it high time I mentioned it loud and clear. It’s been an obsession since I was a young kid and it’s something that’s only grown as I’ve grown older. I’ve also waxed ad nauseum about my love of dragon games, not really doing any justice to all the dinosaur games I play whenever I get the chance. Here is a list of dragon and dinosaur games on STEAM and one very special game that has BOTH of them. Yes, both! You can thank me later!

Jurassic Park: The Game              

Jurassic Park Screenshot

When the movies came out in the 90s, I remember annoying my parents to take me to it a million times. When they announced the one that will come out soon, I squealed just as I did two decades ago. Suffice to say that when this game came out, I had to try it out. The game is set during the events of the first movie. Due to a failed security system, dinosaurs from the Jurassic Park are roaming free and a rogue corporation is out to collect their embryos.


I love indie game developers and as such go looking for games specifically by them. Toren is one such game, developed by Brazilian developer Swordtales. The protagonist of this game is female and as the game progress, you grow from infancy to adulthood through various adventures. You solve puzzles, battle monsters as you try to climb the Toren tower to find your purpose. I love the storytelling that wraps this game up in addictive package. Also, did I mention dragons?

theHunter: Primal


From theHunter series comes Primal, a prehistoric survival games. It is a typical survival game and as such really exciting, as can be easily proven by its 5 million strong fan base. The objective of the game is to reclaim the wilderness so you can sow the seeds of civilization on it. This means exploring new worlds, dodging deadly dinosaurs, steering clear of poisonous plants. You can play a single player game but in my opinion, playing with your friends and other players in more fun.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Dragonborn

One of the chapters of the Elder Scrolls Saga, Skyrim Dragonborn is an add on to the Elder Scrolls V. Like its base game, Dragonborn gives you the feel of an epic fantasy virtual world that is laid out for you to explore. You can choose the type of character you play – with weapons and skills to match. My favorite part is the bit where you get to battle ancient (and very impressive) dragons. You get to learn how to harness their power and discover all of their secrets.

ARK: Survival Evolved


This is another survival game but with both my favorite creatures in one visual masterpiece. In the game you can hunt, gather resources, farm, and build shelters. You also get to battle dinosaurs and tame them. Domination over other creatures helps you survive. The other option is to escape. It has real life tasks where your character has to eat meat or plants with just the right nutritional value, harvest clean water etc. You can also create a tribe and add your friends so you can team up for better chances of survival.

Three Mobile and Online Games that Adults are Hooked on to

What do we do when we are not at office, not looking after the kids, not whipping up another dish of pasta, or taking the kids out for a walk? Yes, we play games! Here are 3 of the most popular games that have the adults hooked on to them!

King of Thieves

King of ThievesScreenshot from http://www.kingofthieves.com/

If you’ve heard a friend of late asking you, “How safe is your dungeon” or “How many gems did you steal last night”, then please know that your friend is another casualty of the addictive game called the King of Thieves! The game has got an interesting and exciting roadmap which allows the players to multitask and not wait for ‘keys’, an essential component to play the game, to get replenished to advance to the next level. Protecting one’s dungeon where the player’s pot of gold is kept, advancing through levels so that gems and more dungeon layouts are unlocked, and attacking other players to steal their gems and gold are some of the exciting actions that happen here simultaneously. The game allows a player to connect through Facebook and form guilds with his Facebook friends to counter attack and avenge players who have raided his dungeon. What attracts adults to the game is its multitasking feature and the need to strategize every move. It’s important to figure which task has to be completed first, which gems need to be ‘ritualized’ in the totem to garner maximum points, who is the perfect player that can be raided, how to optimize the traps in the player’s dungeon to keep off attackers, and what is the best possible way to complete a level (there is more than one solution to every level). So move over Candy Crush Saga, here’s introducing the next big thing on the block – King of Thieves!

Word Battle

Word BattleScreenshot from https://apps.facebook.com/wordbattling/

This is another cool multiplayer game where one’s word prowess comes into use. The game chooses four random players for each round, each of whom gets to choose nine letters, combining vowels and consonants, for a round to begin. Each of the letters looks similar to a Scrabble letter tile and has a point on it. The objective of the game is to make the highest scoring word with the given letters in each round. Each game consists of four rounds. The player with the highest score at the end of the four rounds wins the game. The time taken to form each word is the tie breaker in case two or three players score the same points at the end of the game. Word Battle gives you a certain a number of coins each day, depending on the number of successful referrals by you, which you can trade to get additional time for each round, check if your word exists, and get a glimpse of the words the others are making, or add another additional letter.



Neopets is a pet game online that has had loyal players playing the game since the last 30 years! Players can create and care for virtual pets called Neopets and explore the world of the virtual pet gameonline called Neopia. Although Neopets don’t die when not fed or neglected, surprisingly the only aim in the game is to look after, feed and care for the Neopets and help them grow up. The unique and cute Neopets come in a variety of colors and species and players can adopt their own pet and customize it. Apart from looking after the adopted pet, players have a couple of more interesting angles in the pet game online to look forward to – the multiplayer Altador Cup that takes place at regulaly, mini games such as Meerca Chase III, Kass Basher, Turmac Roll, Hasee Bounce, and a plethora of good reads like the Neopian Times, Neopian comics, and Neopets related lores. Some of the puzzles available at Neopets are so exciting and challenging that they can give regular online puzzles a run for their money.